Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry program represents formal preparation for and enrichment of the practice of ministry. This degree has been viewed by some in the same light that one sees an MD in medicine or a JD in law, rather than with doctorates in philosophy or theology, which are more specifically research degrees. The Doctor of Ministry presupposes a theological Master degree and at least three years of ministry experience. The goal of the Doctor of Ministry degree is to provide a level of knowledge, theoretical clarity, and competence of practice commensurate with the highest earned degree for the profession and practice of ministry. Persons seeking to enter into a Doctor of Ministry program must have a clearly definable context of ministry. The degree is designed to deepen the basic knowledge, skill, and research in ministry, so that one can engage in the practice of ministry with increasing professional, intellectual, and spiritual integrity. The degree at Hosanna Bible College is designed to train leaders for the Church in various areas of ministry. We call our graduates "Doctors of the Church and Faith-Community."

Program Learning Outcomes

• Helps practicing clergy to reflect critically on the practice of ministry with a collaborative pedagogy suitable for contextual learning within the church through mentor-guided, peer-group learning

• Provides tools to research, test, and refine local ministry models as unique contributions to practical theological understanding that equips the faithful

• Cultivates a renewed appreciation and commitment to lifelong learning by means of peer-oriented coursework and an independent, doctoral-level project addressing the nature and practice of ministry.

• Better enables and engages one's context in advanced, theological action-reflection for spiritual and vocational maturity in ministry.

Provost and DMin Mentor

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Doctor of Ministry Focus Groups

Five focus groups are available. Click the buttons below for information on each cohort.

Christian Leadership in the Epilogue to the Post Modern Era

Dr. William S. Wilson, Jr. and Dr. Sherman R. Tribble

This focus program is for ministry practitioners with a Master's degree in a theological discipline who are seeking to hone their leadership ministry skills in a challenging academic setting as well as impact their context.

Twenty-first century Christian leaders are facing a plethora of challenges. These challenges include challenges of infrastructure decline, sprawl, and hegemonic access to resources. Additionally, the philosophical underpinning that fuels this historical period is a prologue to the post modern era. Because of a heightened sense of individualism, isolationism, consumerism, and post postmodernism, Christian leaders find themselves being asked to lead people who do not trust leadership and want individual treatment. What does this mean for the community of faith? What does this mean for communities?

In this deliberate site, there is need for those with the charism of intervention in the areas of personal change, social advocacy, and incarnation ministry. These actions, faithful to the Eternal's mandate placed upon the practitioner, should be birthed through the careful “exegesis” of context in this “strange land.” This exegesis will create meaningful ministry models that seed revival, affect neighborhood transformation and ultimately, influence the world.

Photo of Dr. William S. Wilson, Jr.

Dr. William S. Wilson, Jr., DMin serves as the Dean of the Doctor of Ministry Program and as Professor of Homiletics and New Testament Studies at HBC. He is also the proud pastor of the Bethsada Missionary Baptist Church of Mebane, NC. This prolific preacher, writer, and academic has pastored for over thirty-five years, and has had the pleasure of preaching and lecturing throughout the country for over four decades. He attended the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Religious Studies in 1980. He also attended the School of Theology, Virginia Union University in Richmond, VA and received a Master of Divinity Degree in May 1984. In May 1998, he received a Doctor of Ministry Degree from the School of Theology, Virginia Union University. Dr. Wilson has taught in three seminaries, namely, Virginia Seminary and College in Lynchburg, VA, and Apex School of Theology in Durham, NC as well as at Hosanna Bible College, Durham, NC. Dr. Wilson has served as the Deputy to the General Secretary of the Foreign Mission Board for the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. in Nashville, TN. He also served as a writer and editor for the Sunday School Publishing Board of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Study Commission for the Laymen League for the General Baptist Convention of North Carolina.

Photo of Dr. Sherman R. Tribble

Sherman Roosevelt Tribble, PhD has the privilege of serving as the Provost and Interim Executive Vice President for HBC. He is also the proud pastor of Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church also of Durham. He served as the pastor of churches in Nashville, TN and Ossining, NY. Dr. Tribble has also served as the Director of Publishing and Senior Editor for the Sunday School Publishing Board of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. He continues to serve as a writer for the organization. He has taught at a number of institutions including Fisk, United, New York Theological Seminary, Apex School of Theology, Shaw University, Vanderbilt University and American Baptist College. This minister, historian, and musician has an avid interest in understanding the nuances of the African-American religious heritage, and his book, Images of a Preacher: A Study of the Reverend Joseph Harrison Jackson, reflects that abiding interest. Dr. Tribble served as the general editor of the new hymnal published by the Sunday School Publishing Board, Total Praise: Songs and Other Worship Resources for Every Generation. This hymnal was released in June 2011. He has also written a number of other scholarly and popular religious articles. Dr. Tribble also recorded a CD entitled, “The Heart and Soul of a Preacher Musician.”

Episcopal Leadership in the 21st Century

Bishop Andy C. Lewter, Jr. and Dr. James T. Roberson, Jr.

The late twentieth and early twenty-first century have seen the emergence of various reformations embrace ecclesiastical offices and titles such as Bishop, Apostle, Prelate, et al. While the use of some of these titles and offices have been in the life of the Church since the New Testament era, there is hybrid fruit that is being developed. As these communions develop, there is the need for critical reflection of theological praxis, definition of nomenclature, historical reflection in terms of particular communions as well as the larger Christendom family, mentorship, accountability, worship practices, and leadership given to local church, one's own reformation, and ministry, in general. There is also the need to reflect on episcopal leadership in historical connectional and semi-connectional reformations as well. This DMin cohort will explore these and other related issues in the rubric of action/reflection research. Ideal participants in this cohort would already be installed in or seeking to be installed in such an office in their tradition so that they can conduct action research on a critical problem within that context.

Photo of Bishop Andy C. Lewter, Jr.

Bishop Andy C. Lewter, Jr. is a founding Bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship. He also is pastor of the Hollywood Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral of Amityville, NY. He also currently serves as the Senior Pastor of the Queens Ministry, New York, New York. Bishop Lewter's ministerial career began in 1973 while still a student at Oberlin College majoring in communications and religion. After graduating with a BA in African American History and Religion with honors in 1976, he entered Harvard University in pursuit of a master's of divinity degree. In 1979 he graduated from Harvard Divinity School with a concentration in New Testament Studies and spent additional time in a post-graduate study program at Oxford University. Bishop Lewter holds an earned doctorate of ministry degree from the United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. As a prolific purveyor of church history, he is in great demand to present to national audiences. His e studies program has made him a cutting edge leader in Christian education. Bishop Lewter has also pastored churches in Ossining, NY and Columbus Ohio. He has the distinction of having started and supported television ministries, worked in religious print journalism, as well as developed e-ministries within his church and denomination. He is also a member of Kappa Alpha Psi as well as a Prince Hall Mason. Bishop Lewter is also a proud father and grandfather. He also has the privilege of being a caretaker to his father, The Reverend Dr. Andy C. Lewter, Sr. Father and Son earned DMin degrees at the same time at the same institution.

Photo of Dr. James T. Roberson, Jr.

Dr. James T. Roberson, Jr. serves as the associate pastor of the Brownsville Assembly of God church of Pensacola, Florida since October 2018. Prior to that appointment, he served as the pastor of the New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Macon, NC and Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program at Payne Theological Seminary, Wilberforce, OH. He is the past Dean of Shaw University Divinity School, Raleigh, North Carolina. Dr. Roberson brings a rich and diverse background to the academic enterprise as a preacher, theological educator, mathematician, researcher, and computer analyst. He was a pioneer in distance education for the black church and academy by developing the Black Religious Studies Network which connected the local church and theological education in the early 1990s. His passion for theological education and church leadership has inspired him to develop innovative and inclusive programs for church leadership using the tool of distance education and transformative learning. His leadership and participation in professional groups such as the Association of Theological School (ATS), the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), The Society for the Study of Black Religion, and ECUNET has allowed him to shape the conversation about the direction of church leadership in the 21st century. Dr. Roberson was employed for many years as a Systems Programmer/Project Manager for International Business Machines. He has served as Dean of the Doctoral Studies Program and Associate Professor of Church Leadership at United Theological Seminary. In addition, he has served as a DMin mentor for Apex School of Theology, Durham, NC, and Bakke Graduate University, Seattle, WA. He holds a B.A. degree in Mathematics from Millsaps College, the M.S. degree in Mathematics/Computer Science from New York University, the M.Div. in Biblical Studies from New York Theological Seminary, and the Ph.D. degree in Administration and Supervision/Church Leadership from Fordham University. He and his lovely wife, Beverly, reside in Pensacola, Florida.

Transformative Leadership

Dr. Larry E. Covington and Dr. Kevin D. Sturdivant

This program is designed to introduce students to the concept of Transformative Learning as a tool for Church Leadership Development. Students will be exposed to the concepts of Transformative Learning and Action Research as these concepts relate to Spiritual Formation. Students will be introduced to various aspects of leadership including Servant Leadership, Charismatic Leadership, Visionary Leadership, Adaptive Leadership, Situational Leadership, and Transformational Leadership. Various leadership theories will be explored to help the student arrive at a style that resonates with him or her personality. Students will also be exposed to the rapidly changing environment which demands a change in leadership styles. Students will be able to examine their own personal leadership characteristics as well as that of their ministry context.

Photo of Rev. Dr. Larry E. Covington

Rev. Dr. Larry E. Covington serves as the Senior Pastor of the Ebenezer United Church of Christ in Burlington, North Carolina. He is in much demand around the country as a revivalist, workshop leader, and church growth specialist. He holds dual standing with the Baptist and the United Church of Christ denominations. On July 15, 2007, he earned his Doctorate of Ministry degree from Eastern Carolina Christian College in Roanoke Rapids, NC. In 1980 while at Liberty Baptist College (now Liberty University) he became the first African-American Residential Assistant, and in June 2008 he was featured in the “Memories” of the Liberty Journal for this accomplishment. Ebenezer United Church of Christ in Burlington is one of the Triad's most dynamic churches. Her 8am and 11 am services are broadcast on local radio stations, cable TV, and Facbook Live. In addition to his work with Hosanna Bible College, Pastor Covington has led EUCC into developing an After-school program that tutors youth from Pre-K through High School. Pastor Covington has also started The Excel Christian Academy—a Christian based educational school beginning with age 2 through Pre-K. EUCC is involved in the Nehemiah project, a building program that included building a 13,000 sq. foot multi-purpose family enrichment center and the purchasing of additional property. This center is called the Ebenezer Center for Christian Opportunities. He is Founder/Dean of the Ebenezer Institute for Theological Studies that was established to assist adults who wish to further their theological education. He also has served as a Trustee for Hosanna Bible College.

Photo of Rev. Kevin D. Sturdivant

Reverend Kevin D. Sturdivant, DMin is the proud pastor of the Springfield Baptist Church of Raleigh, NC. Previously he served as the pastor of the Grooms Chapel Missionary Baptist Church in Reidsville, North Carolina. He also served as the director of the Ebenezer Institute of Theological Studies at Ebenezer United Church of Christ in Burlington, NC. He has worked in Christian ministry for more than a decade, specializing in ministry development. He is a native of Burlington, North Carolina and summa cum laude graduate of North Carolina A&T State University with a degree in Broadcast Communications and holds a Master of Divinity from the Apex School of Theology. He has completed the Doctor of Ministry program at United Theological Seminary. In addition to being an award-winning writer of poetry and prose, his first book, “Uncovering Church Cliques and Finding Faithful Friends,” is considered by many to be the most comprehensive material on the subject of cliques in the church. Pastor Sturdivant still finds time to serve as a community volunteer, tutor, guest evangelist and lecturer as needed. He is also married to the former Tiffany Byrd and together they have three children—Khara, Joshuaand Kristofer.

Transformative Preaching

Dr. Rodney Coleman and Dr. Harry Leo White, Jr.

In this epilogue to the post modern age, there is great need for purveyors of preaching to not only handle the Holy Writ with authentic facility, but to connect to multiple generations. Some of the hearers are faithful; others doubtful, curious, critical, seeking, and even suspect of the claims of the Gospel, the power and purpose of preaching, and even the character of the person in the pulpit. Persons in this DMin cohort will explore developing biblical, textual, expositional, and topical preaching that transforms conduct, character, beliefs, affections and contexts. Some attention may be given to the use of technology in preaching as well. Contexts include may include church, para church, instructions such as hospitals and prisons, as well as community organizations. Through action research it is hoped that practioners will improve their abilities to serve this present age.

Photo of Dr. Rodney Coleman

Reverend Dr. Rodney Lavon Coleman was born in Roxboro, North Carolina and raised in nearby Leasburg. He is married to the lovely Kristal Coleman (Lady K) and is the son of Roderick and Verna Coleman. In August of 2013, Dr. Rodney Coleman became the sixth called pastor of the Historic First Baptist Church of Chapel Hill, affectionately known as FBC, succeeding FBC's Pastor Emeritus, Dr. J.R. Manley, who served there for 65 years. Coleman is a 1995 graduate of Bartlett Yancey Senior High School and a 1999 graduate of Winston-Salem State University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. He is a 2008 graduate of Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, where he earned his Master of Divinity, and a 2011 graduate of United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio where he earned his Doctorate in Ministry. His dissertation addressed financial illiteracy of young adults in the Black rural church by providing an extensive online financial literacy curriculum. Dr. Coleman has been preaching for 15+ years, and pastoring for 8 years. Known as, “The Pitbull of the Pulpit” Coleman is known as a relevant and passionate preacher captures and keeps the attention of those he preaches to. In addition to preaching and pastoring, Dr. Coleman has over 20 years of experience as a Minister of Music and 6 years as an Executive Pastor. He is the co-founder and COO of Colebro Entertainment, Inc. In addition, he is also a singer, musician, songwriter, producer, composer, certified recording engineer, an affiliate writer for SEASAC Performing Rights Organization and the founder of Riry Dean's Music Publishing Group. Dr. Coleman has worked professionally as a grade teacher, a sixth grade Language Arts teacher and a Primary Reading Teacher for the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School System. Coleman has also served in the capacities of Literacy Coordinator at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction in Raleigh, NC, adjunct English Professor at Forsyth Technical Community College, Project Coordinator for Real Men Teach at Winston-Salem University and adjunct professor at the Apex School of Theology (Winston-Salem Site). Dr. Coleman is a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, who lives his life according to Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!”

Photo of Reverend Dr. Harry Leo White, Jr.

Reverend Dr. Harry Leo White, Jr. is a visionary Christian leader who has dedicated his life to advancing God's Kingdom. He has the privilege of serving as the Senior Pastor of the Watts Chapel Missionary Baptist Church of Raleigh, NC. Reverend White was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He is a graduate of Howard University, United Theological Seminary, and Beeson Divinity School. He has served on the ministerial staff at the Omega Baptist Church in Dayton, Ohio and the Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio. For eight years, Reverend White served as pastor of the Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Pastor White has served as an adjunct instructor at the College of Mount Saint Joseph, the University of Cincinnati, the Northern Kentucky University, the Apex School of Theology, St. Augustine's University, and a doctoral mentor at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. Dr. White is a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Dr. White is also the author of the bestselling book, What's Your African American Church IQ? Dr. White is also an inductee into the Morehouse College Martin Luther King, Jr. Board of Preachers. He is married to his long-time college friend, the former Shauntae Renee Brown of Kansas City, Missouri. Reverend White and Dr. White are the proud parents of Nia and Kai.

Pastoral Care for the 21st Century

Dr. LaTonya Agard and Dr. Elijah Fulcher III

This unique Focus Group is designed to empower and inform clergy who want to hone their ministry in the areas pastoral care and/or counseling. The overall objective of this program is to better understand the practice of ministry in contexts where pastoral care is needed. This may include clergy in churches, hospitals, jails, para-church organizations, and counseling centers. Some attention will be given to the unique opportunities and challenges presented in the 21st Century.

Photo of Reverend Dr. LaTonya L. Agard

The Reverend Dr. LaTonya L. Agard is the proud pastor of the Bazzel Creek Missionary Baptist Church of Fuquay Varina, North Carolina. She has faithfully served in this post since 2011. She also serves as the Dean of the Master of Christian Counseling Program as well as a mentor in the doctoral faculty at Hosanna. This native of Montgomery, Alabama, attended the University of Alabama, where she acquired the Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and the Master of Arts degree in English. She completed the Master of Divinity Degree in theology (Magna Cum Laude) from Duke University Divinity School. She has also completed the Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Care at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary. Dr. Agard's professional career as an educator began at the University of Alabama, where she taught Composition and British Literature. In 1999, she received the Excellence in Teaching by a Master's Student Award in the field of British literature. She also taught as an adjunct faculty member at Miles College. Reverend Agard continued her teaching career at Barton College as an Associate Professor of English. Reverend Agard was recognized as a Jefferson Pilot Faculty Member of the Year, for excellence in teaching, community service, and faculty development. Reverend Agard has also served as the Case Manager for the Faith Support Circle Program for Homeless Families. In this position, she worked to help homeless families in Wake County. Reverend Agard is married to Sean D. Agard. To this union, God has blessed them with one beautiful daughter, Leah Marie Agard.

Photo of Dr. Elijah Fulcher III

Dr. Elijah Fulcher III is the President and Founder of FULGOSPEL Bible Collegiate Ministries. He has served this institution since 1999. He is also a volunteer chaplain at Cape Fear Medical Center in Fayetteville, NC. He also serves as the interim Pastor of the Spring Hills Missionary Baptist Church of Hope Mills, NC. Dr. Fulcher has enjoyed a robust academic and professional journey. He holds the distinction of being the very first Doctor of Ministry graduate of Hosanna Bible College as a Wilson/Tribble Scholar. He earned an Education Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership from Grand Canyon University. Phoenix, AZ; a Master of School Administration degree and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Psychology from Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville NC. He had taught in the Scotland and Robeson County School Systems. He has taught at Freewill Baptist College as well as for the United States Department of Defense at Fort Bragg. He has also served as a Chaplain Resident at Wake Forrest Medical Center. While there he completed six quarters of Clinical Pastoral Education in a 2.5 year period. He is married to his soulmate, the Rev. Anna M. Fulcher.