Dean of Students—Mr. Greg Harvey

Student Grievance Policy

Policy Statement
Hosanna Bible College students have the right to pursue timely, legitimate grievances against employees of the College. Therefore, Hosanna shall establish, publish, and follow a procedure that delineates the rights and responsibilities of the aggrieved party and the college employee against whom a grievance may be lodged.

The student grievance procedure provides a process for resolving student disputes with employees. This procedure applies to all student issues, including but not limited to academic issues, student services, or administrative concerns. Grievances involving academic issues are limited to final course grades and satisfactory completion of instructional program requirements.

The grievance procedure may be used by persons who were enrolled as students at Hosanna at the time the incident occurred. The person filing the grievance must be the subject of alleged unfair treatment that is related to his or her status as a student or program participant. A grievance cannot be filed on behalf of another person.

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