Institutional Learning Outcomes

The programs offered at HBC are designed to add valuable knowledge to students and to prepare them for their specific area of service.

HBC provides an Associate degree in Christian Education, a Bachelor's degree in Theology, a Master of Divinity degree, Master of Christian Education degree, Master Christian Counseling degree and a Doctorate of Ministry Degree. Programs are designed to help students move through their ministry vocation, call to serve and interest in ministry with a sense of competency and a feeling of readiness, maintaining the missions to prepare and equip all persons who are willing to dedicate themselves to study and sacrifice to gain the tools needed to serve.

HBC has crafted a model that will accommodate students from various backgrounds. Students who are bi-vocational, nontraditional, and early on their journey in ministry will benefit from the model offered by Hosanna Bible College.

Our vision is to transcend the local population of the main-campus reaching students throughout the nation and around the world.

Through the curricula offered by Hosanna Bible College (HBC), the following are institutional outcomes wherein students of HBC should be able to reach by graduation.

1. Utilize the theological tools necessary to fulfill their calling to ministry.

2. Acquire skills that adequately prepare them for practical ministry.

3. Gain a broad knowledge of general education, the bible, liturgy, theology, divinity, Christian education, Christian counseling, and leadership.

4. Develop skills in academic research and the analysis of scholarly resources consistent to their area of interest in ministry.

5. Apply educational knowledge and experiences in practical and relevant ways.

Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes by Degree Program...

• Bachelor of Theology

• Bachelor of Ministry in Modern Music Ministry

• Master of Christian Counseling

• Master of Christian Education

• Master of Divinity

• Doctor of Ministry